Fairview Christian School is based on Adventist Christian Education whose philosophy is buttressed on the premise that:
A true knowledge of God, fellowship, and companionship with Him in study and service, and likeness to Him in character development are to be respectively, the source, the means and the aim of Seventh-day Adventist education (GC WPES 1998: 2).
Fairview Christian School was established in January 2013 under the trade name: King’s Way Upgrading Centre. For this reason, the School was for its first four years of Administration known as King’s Way Upgrading Centre. In the first four years of its establishment, the school was situated in Unit 3, Mmabatho in Mahikeng. However, for the purpose of accessibility and the need to expand the upgrading programme so that more students could be accommodated, the administrators took a unanimous decision on the fifth of January 2017 to move the programme to different premises. The programme was from that date moved to Redibone Secondary school, 1425 Botlhako Street, Unit 7, Mmabatho in Mahikeng.


Fairview Christian School will strive to create an environment that seeks to restore individual dignity through promotion of Christ-centred learning, diligence and scholarship.


To provide affordable and qualitative education that is rooted in the latest developments in Science, Commerce, Technology and promotion of patriotic citizenship. We stress the total development of each learner: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.

Fairview Christian School offers a Matric Upgrading programme to students under the age of 21. We also offer the Amended Senior Certificate for students that are 21 years old and older. On top of these two programmes we host June examinations for modulating matriculants.
What is a Matric Upgrading programme?
A matric upgrading programme is a series of courses that are offered to post-matric students who have waited to join the program for five years or less since they matriculated and are under twenty one years of age. The programme gives such students a chance to better their matric results by offering them classes in the latest curriculum. The subjects that are taught in the classes are the same subjects being studied by all formal schools that are under the department of education. The department of education only offers the upgrading NSC examinations to learners that are 21 years and younger. Should it happen that a learner matriculated at twenty years of age, during his/her upgrading year such a learner will not fall under the matric upgrading program but under the amended senior certificate which is equivalent to matric upgrading but which is just meant for older students.
At Fairview Christian School, students that are part of the matric upgrading program attend afternoon lessons from February to October before they sit for their NSC October/November examinations. These examinations are exactly the same as those that will be being written by matriculants that attend formal schools.
Fairview Christian School registers such learners with the Department of education for the October/November examination.

The amended senior certificate is a series of courses that are exactly the same as those of the Matric Upgrading program. By virtue of that, Fairview Christian School puts students of both programs in the same classes that are attended at the very same time. The amended senior certificate is offered to persons that are twenty one years old and above. Its outcome is a certificate that is the same as a matric certificate. Students that register for this program write their examinations in May/June.
Because during May/June classes still be on, the department of education advises that students pursuing the amended senior certificate attend classes for a whole year before they register to write in May/June. Please take note that in order for a student who is under this program to write the examinations, they should have visited the department of education offices individually to register themselves. Fairview Christian School only administers the tutorials but not the registrations and exams for this program.
What is the Amended Senior Certificate?

Plans to introduce the first grade 8 learners’ class in January 2018 are at an advanced stage. Having seen that the department of education is struggling to accommodate pupils and maintain well-disciplined schools, Fairview has decided to alleviate this predicament by introducing a fulltime Christian day secondary school. The aim of the school is to introduce a new generation of God-fearing youth in our country’s education system. As a Christian school, we value the importance of a Christ-centred education; we believe that it is through God that learners understand Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Accounting, English etc. We also believe in a totalitarian approach to education which is summarised as follows: we educate the head, the heart and the hand. We ardently believe that a young person must be taught holistically so as to enhance the maximum output of the learner’s ability which eventually leads to self-actualisation. In our view, a self-actualised learner is highly unlikely to pause disciplinary problems to the world in general.
 What is in the future basket of Fairview Christian School?.