Nine things you need to do in order to succeed in the NSC examinations

1. There are only 200 days to the start of final exams. This includes all weekends and holidays. Start today and work everyday. Set targets for achievement…
2. Do not miss one day of school between now and your exams. Keep healthy and alert. Listen to your teachers. They have done this before and will help you succeed.
3. Reading is a hot skill. Reading will change your life. Read at least 1000 words everyday. Read everything you can get your hands on. Read accurately and quickly.
4. Writing is power, but it requires practice. We are all judged, every day, on our writing – we can inspire, impress, persuade, congratulate and express love in writing. Write at least 400 words every day – carefully, accurately and beautifully.
5. Textbooks are an essential student companion. Have you got a textbook for each subject? Make sure you do and that you work systematically through your textbooks. Don’t wait for your teacher to explain it all. Look at what you have to cover for the year and plan accordingly.
6. Your BMI can help you in matric. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is an indication of how healthy you are. Calculate your BMI and then exercise and eat healthily throughout the year to keep an optimum BMI.
7. Academic work requires concentration and focus. Every day you should be engaged in intensive, focused, individual academic work. Turn off iPods, music centres, the TV, the cell phone and have an intensive and rewarding academic workout everyday. Build your brain cells and be the envy of all your friends.
8. Good vibes are good for success. Surround yourself with positive, happy people who want you to succeed. Your family and friends will be important in supporting you in the next 200 days. Be grateful for their support.
9. Matric success requires planning and hard work. Start planning and working today. Attend school every day. Do homework everyday. Read every day. Write and calculate everyday. Stick to your year plan.

How many of the items above are you doing?
1-2: Get help urgently.
3-4: Start planning today.
5-6: You are on your way. Intensify your efforts.
7-8: You’re well organised and nearly ready for success.
9-10: You’re doing great. Help someone else to get organised for success.
Dear Grade 12 Learner
The final school examination for the National Senior Certificate is extremely important. Good results can open doors for you that will influence the quality of your future life. For the next few months you should focus strongly on your school work.
Good luck, be your best, and study hard! It’s worth it!