1. Conduct which endangers the safety and violates the rights of others.

2. Possession, threat or use of a dangerous weapon.

3. Possession, use, transmission or visible evidence of narcotics or unauthorized drugs, alcohol or intoxicants of any kind.

4. Fighting, assault or battery.

5. Immoral behaviour or profanity.

6. Falsely identifying oneself.

7. Harmful graffiti, hate speech, sexism, racism.

8. Theft or possession of stolen property including test or examination papers prior to the writing of tests or examinations.

9. Unlawful action, vandalism, or destroying or defacing school property.

10. Disrespect, objectionable behaviour and verbal abuse directed at educators or other school employees or learners.

11. Repeated violations of school rules or the code of conduct.

12. Criminal and oppressive behaviour such as rape and gender based harassment.

13. Victimisation, bullying and intimidation of other learners.

14. Infringement of examination rules.

15. Knowingly and wilfully supplying false information or falsifying documentation to gain an unfair advantage at school.